Welcome to Builtfirst!

June 01, 2020

My friends and I work at Venture Capital firms and thought it was stupid that there was no central depository of all available corporate software/solution discounts (perks). Founders end up not using perks because they don't know they exist or just can't find them.

We started Builtfirst to support founders through democratizing access to these perks.


So we’re making it free for founders.

We aggregate the perks, the founder lowers their burn rate.

We’ve aggregated about 50 so far and we’ve launched with that. It’s a start but we know there are hundreds more. 

Let us know if we’re missing any so we can continue to chase them down.

Surprisingly, the market for startup perks is more complex than you might think. Corporates will typically tier their perks based on either the amount of money a startup has raised or who that startup’s investors are.

This complexity is why we’re committed to building exclusive instances for investors to host all their perks and make it easy for corporates to add their discount to that VC’s perkbook. We’re doing this for free.

Join us.

Perks for all.